Organic Oil

Optimising Reservoir Performance and Recovery Rates



Complex Hydrogen

Innovative solution for development conventional and unconventional oil and gas reserves


Stimulation Technology


Enhancing Oil and Gas Production through Comprehensive Services

Arlitech is a company operating in the oil and gas sector with the main objective of carrying out stimulation works to increase oil production. To achieve this goal, the company offers a range of services, including organic extraction of residual oil, oil production through physical and chemical means, exploitation of wells with double horizon, selection of fishing tools and compositions, individual selection of packers for each well, impact on the reservoir to increase production, various types of downhole isolation tools and equipment, and various types of deep pumps, among others. The company’s services can be divided into three main categories: production enhancement, well completion, and equipment provision. With a focus on innovation and expertise, Arlitech helps oil and gas companies achieve their production goals and improve efficiency.


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Organic residual oil

This involves the extraction of residual oil from a well or reservoir that has not been fully depleted. The aim is to maximize the recovery of oil by using advanced extraction techniques that target residual oil.


Oil extraction using physical and chemical impact methods

This refers to the use of various physical and chemical methods to extract oil from a reservoir. These methods can include hydraulic fracturing, acidization, and chemical injection.